Campaign Signs

I do not like campaign signs. I’ve always thought that they are an eyesore on our beautiful Island.  They are also a waste of resources and a plastic item that ends up in landfills.  And I learned some years ago that studies have shown that they are not actually successful at getting people to vote for one candidate or another.  If both candidates put up signs, those signs don’t have any real impact on how people vote.  


So they are eyesores and a waste of resources that don’t actually accomplish anything.  That’s just dumb.  The one exception to this is if only one candidate puts up signs. There is some evidence that if one candidate puts up signs and one does not, the one who puts up signs does benefit from the signs in terms of receiving more votes.  


Nevertheless, my campaign has decided to NOT put up any signs along roads or in public spaces. We are going to walk the talk.  If any campaign supporters would like to place one of our campaign signs in their yard, on their property, that would be fine. Just contact Kol at and request a sign.  But the campaign itself will not be messing up our public spaces with campaign signs.  


At the end of May, Kol emailed all of the candidates in all of the City Council races and explained to them what is explained above.  He told them that he was planning to not put up signs.  He asked them to also take that pledge.  Two responded and said they would not put up signs if their opponents also did not put up signs – Leslie Schneider and Sarah Blossom.




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