Kol's 2019 Campaign Agenda



Maintain a civil, respectful, and supportive relationship amongst City Councilmembers, between City Council and City staff, and between the City and our residents.  The most important ingredient in making good decisions and in getting City business done is maintaining these relationships.  


Continue making informed and reasoned decisions.  Making decisions based on facts and clear thinking is more important to me than particular outcomes.  If Council and the City do not make decisions based on understandable and correct facts and logic, then those decisions will not be accepted by the community and, most likely, will be bad decisions.


Prudent financial management.  We must continue to have excellent financial budgeting, planning, and internal controls. Without this, the City can not be effective.  The City has a nearly perfect bond rating and has had clean audits for 5 years.  This must continue.


Accountability and transparency.  I serve the residents of the Island.  I must be accountable to them.  I was the first Councilmember to establish weekly open office hours that anyone can attend.  Anyone who has a concern about me or a Council action can come and talk with me, no appointment needed.  I have answered every phone call made to me as a Councilmember.  I do my best to answer every email (but have failed at times due to the volume).  I moved the Council to holding 4 ward meetings each year instead of just one.




Climate change. Climate change is the most important issuing facing us.  We have set in motion a process that will make climate change considerations permeate everything the City does.  I want to see this through.  


Environmental sustainability.  This includes climate change, of course. But I want to speak more generally about environmental sustainability.  This is my top issue area.  We must maintain the Island’s environment and environmental functions in fullest and healthiest way that we can.  For instance, we’ve set in motion a process of creating a groundwater management plan for the Island and we’ve set in motion a process to develop a new Sustainable Transportation Plan for the Island (focused on non-motorized transportation and decreasing the use of single-occupancy vehicles and greenhouse gas emitting vehicles).  I want to see these initiatives through to a successful conclusion.  


Affordable housing. While environmental sustainability is a long-term and constant goal, affordable housing has become a crisis on the Island.  The City must do whatever it can, within the confines and context of its resources and other priorities, to remedy the affordable housing crisis on the Island. We have set in motion many City projects in this area.  I want to see them through.


City Manager.  We will be in the position of hiring a new City Manager in 2020.  I want to be part of that process.  


There are many, many other issues or topics that the City is working on.  I could list many more. But the four above are my top concerns.  


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