For 18 years, I have lived, worked, and volunteered my time on BI. I currently serve as a BI City Councilmember.  In January 2018, the other Councilmembers unanimously appointed me to be our City’s Mayor, a position in which I still serve.  Being our Mayor is truly the greatest honor of my life.  

For me, Bainbridge is not a bedroom community or a retirement community.  During all of my 18 years on the Rock, I have been working or volunteering here.  Point being:  Bainbridge is where I live, work, volunteer, play, and send my child to public school.  My wife also works on the Island.  We are fully invested in this superb community and have spent 18 years trying to protect and improve it.

Bainbridge Island’s historic values and culture coupled with its forests, shorelines, rolling hills, views, wildlife, and clean water are the foundation of our high quality of life.  Yes, we must allow and encourage good development, but our City Council needs to ensure that Island development does not erode the environmental and placed-based values that make the Island amazing.  Threading this needle – allowing good development while not eroding our high quality of life, especially with climate change occuring – is the paramount challenge for Bainbridge Island and a very difficult task.  

My education and life, volunteer, and work experiences combined with my natural attributes make me ideally suited for figuring out how to thread this needle and then lead others towards the solutions.  See Personal Background to learn more about me.

The second most important issue I see for the Island is maintaining a productive, transparent, and respectful City Council and City government.  In my work as your Mayor and in leading nonprofits, I have a proven track record of working collectively and respectfully with people to find common ground and actually get important work done.  See Accomplishments on Council to see what I’ve done during my 3.5 years as one of our Councilmembers.

I want to end this personal statement by telling you that I am a servant leader, to my core.  This is why I have been drawn to public service, both through nonprofits and through local elected office.  In these roles, I am able to do what servant leaders do:  Determine what those around me want to get done and then lead them towards those goals.  

I ran for office four years ago because people asked me to.  I agreed to be Mayor because other Councilmembers asked me to be Mayor.  I am running for City Council again because people asked me to.  In short, I do not do these things because of my ego or a narrow, specific agenda.  I serve as your Mayor, and am offering four more years of my service, simply because I want to provide good leadership in service to you and our Island.

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